Feb 032009

The route 323

Total distance 218 km

The 323 is a very well surfaced road as far as Thong Pha Phum

Once past Thong Pha Phum its a reasonable surface, no roadworks or anything but its patchy in places

Its a much more interesting ride this narrower section thats for sure

Walking around Sanghklaburi I was amazed at the different styles and construction materials of these three houses that were next to one another, this ones woven

This ones bricks and wood

This ones just wood

In the dead centre of the picture you can see the old temple partly out of the water, if I am still in Thailand till the end of april I must come back here to hopefully see the whole building out of the water

The old Mon wooden bridge is still in one piece but I have seen posters in Kanchanaburi saying save the Mon bridge so perhaps its days are numbered

I am staying at Birdland tonight, its owned by an American named Jimmy who also has a bar/bookshop in Kanchanaburi, its only 100 Baht per person for a room here plus its got hot water. There is a fair bit of Western food available here but unfortunately the cooks have gone back home to Burma for a holiday so nothing until they get back

I eat at the Burmese Inn tonight, not the best meal that I have ever eaten but it was only 75 Baht

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