Jan 262009

The route 3305, 3228, 3455, 4032, 6018, 5059, unknown, 3445, 3228, 3305

Total distance 219 km

I took the 3305 out of town then a right onto the 3228, after about 30 km it was a left onto the 3455 and then a left onto the 4032, I ride on here until a t junction with the 6018 where I take a left

At last a bit of colour, its so dry and dusty out here it looks like it hasnt rained for a year

A new piece of tarmac since I was last out here

Much nicer now I am in the hillier section

Here the tarmac ends and its a couple of kms to the Burmese border

Off road now

The border, the border police say its best not to ride inside Burma now so its a photo stop and a ride back

On the way back I take a left to ride the 5059 loop, this is always a pleasant little loop on a very good surface

Now back on the 6018

I take a right onto an unnumbered road that is a mixture of tarmac and dust, I take a few turns just heading in an easterly direction and emerge onto the 3445 at the Sai Yok Army camp headquarters, this joins the 3228 and I ride back the way I left

A tandoori tonight, I asked for some onion on the plate but I think they got a bit carried away

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