Dec 152009

The route 3228, 3209, 3274, 4025, 3087, 3313, 3206, 3510, 3349, Hwy 4, 3187, 3499, 3432

Total distance 391 km

I wanted to get to Phetchaburi early so didnt stop for many photos on the way, heres one from the 3313

At Ban Pong on a ninety degree left hand bend the road becomes the 3206 and like all of todays route was a well surfaced road

I take a right onto the 3150 to Nong Ya Plong

At Nong Ya Plong I take the 3349 which takes me to hwy 4, here its a right onto it and thankfully only a few km to Phetchaburi. I check in at the Rabieng Rimnum then head out to the Kaeng Krachan Dam

I have to take hwy 4 for about fifteen km then its a right onto the 3187 for a few km then a right onto the 3499, thankfully once along here its a lot more peaceful

The Kaeng Krachan reservoir

Riding on a bit and theres loads of monkeys in the road

The road now becomes the 3432 and Its a very pleasant quiet road

I ride to where the surface finishes then turn round and ride home. I eat at my guesthouse but it was not a nice meal

Walking down the street I see an ice cream parlour so an ice cream and waffle is consumed

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