Mar 182009

The route 324, 3443, 3306, 3390, 3488, 3086, 333, 3011, 3282, 3438, 3456, 3504, 1072, 1117, unnumbered, 4003, 1116, 4001, 1110, 1108, 105

Total distance 507 km

It was a real early start today, I needed the bathroom at just gone 4am this morning and I decided to stay awake so after a couple of mugs of coffee and packing I was on the road by 6am. It wasnt cold even at this time, not much traffic but plenty of bugs and insects hitting my face for the first half hour or so. I deviated from my usual route to Dan Chang and took the 324, 3443, 3306, 3390 and 3488 to join the 3086, from then onwards it was my standard route between these two towns

Once north of Ban Rai and on the 3282 it was time to get the camera out

Its clouded over now and not too warm either

A few km along the 3282 and this reservoir is a lot lower than I have ever seen it before

I have never seen this bit without water in it before, when I travelled down seven weeks ago there was a lot more water in it then

I find the overflow and yes its well down on capacity

As I ride on it looks more like rain than anything else

Not a lot further and I take shelter for about half an hour as its pissing down out there

As the rain finishes so I move on but its very wet roads for most of the way now, only as I near Mae Sot are they dry. There were no road works at all on todays trip and a good ride on decent roads was had, I arrived in Mae Sot at about 4.15pm so a 10.25 hour trip today including a couple of longish stops, at times it was quite cold, certainly colder than I have been for a couple of months. I check in at the Smile Guest House as usual then its off to eat at SP Kitchen, again my usual eatery

I didnt want a pizza again tonight so a Lasagna and garlic bread was ordered, this Lasagna is made by Burmese people and its not bad either, when you consider its only 75 Baht its very good value for money

Followed by the apple pie and ice cream, 140 Baht for the entire tasty filling meal, now you know why I make this my regular restaurant

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