Nov 202012

The Route 323, 3229, 3445, 3512, 4024/5024, 4019, 5010, 3209, 3429

Total distance 216 km

I met these Malaysians at the Muslim foodstall last night and they asked me if I knew any other Muslim restaurants in Kanchanaburi, I told them about the other one where I eat my breakfast and half expected to see them there this morning.
They didnt show up and I thought they had probably made an early start off heading south

I find them and it turned out one of them was bitten by a pit viper in the garden of their accommodation last night, fortunately a photo was taken of the snake and the hospital have sorted him out with medication

Out along the 3445 exploring a road that on my last visit was not surfaced very far but today its sealed right through

A temple in the hills but its not accessible by road

Today is the first time I have rode this road in its entirety

I ride back to where I finished on the dirt yesterday to explore some more offroad tracks, todays dirt adventure begins at N14 01.993 E099 06.425 and its a much drier track today, at least at this point it is

I take a left as the GPS shows another track looping back but it soon becomes a no goer

Possibly I might try it later on but it doesnt seem like it gets much use and might only be a farm access track

Hard to believe the difference between today and riding along here yesterday after that thunderstorm

I take a left onto a track that should take me to Phu Nam Ron

A few reservoirs are seen today

Its overflowing as every one I saw today was

Its beautiful out here, theres a lot more reason to visit Kanchanaburi than just ANZAC day and anyone visiting for that should take a look around while they are here

Phu Nam Ron is that way

Water crossings like these are a pleasure

The GPS is now showing no track but I have a waypoint at SSE on my screen and this track is meandering in that direction but I think that car is going to struggle through.
The Monks confirm this is indeed the right way and its a struggle getting past their stuck car

The surface now is that horrible red slippery stuff and getting grip after the heavy rains of the past few days is difficult

There are places where I am surprised that car got through as I am sliding all over the place and its very slow going indeed

The worst is now over and I am nearing Phu Nam Ron plus the GPS now shows a track again, there have been so many turnings along here theres a lot of exploring still to do out here somewhen

I reach asphalt at N13 56.306 E099 04.990 and just past this point is a small reservoir

Back on the 3512 and in the future this will be part of the main highway between Bangkok and Dawei

I take a right onto the 4024 (according to the km markers) and the 5024 on the GPS

I take a right off of it and ride on to view a reservoir I see on the GPS.
Its dirt from N13 47.358 E099 09.576 to the reservoir

Today is a good reservoir visiting day, a sunny sky, good visibility with clear photos plus overflowing reservoirs

I was going to ride down there to get photos but its steeper then it looks so I walked it and I cant believe how slippery it was or how much mud is stuck on my boots.
He is going to slip and slide a lot getting up

Made it and he rides off throwing mud everywhere

I explore another paved road until the surface finishes then turn back, I have no reason to think it goes anywhere and it doesnt show on the GPS anyway

The road is now the 4019 and goes beside the Huai Lam Khlung reservoir

Its a dirt track off the 4019 to get to the overflow.
My landlady said no rain today but her tour guide said yes more this afternoon but it should be the last day.
It clouds over and spits a bit but I dont get wet but as I get closer to home the roads are soaked and its been raining heavily here in town for about three hours now

A fettucini bolognaise at Jolly Frog for 40 Baht and it was lovely

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Hello Nor

    It was great meeting you all and it sounds like you all had a very good time.
    I hope the snake bite has completely healed by now


  2. Hi Mr Collin.. we safely arrived Malaysia on the 23 October 2012 (Friday).. Azman facing to Kuala Lumpur.. and Zul facing to Kuantan… we saw a lots of lovely pictures here.. and hope will come again to explore Thailand… hope to c u again in Malaysia.. as per your planning…
    Have a nice and safe journey yaa…

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