Dec 042012

The route 323, 3199, 3398, 3086, 4015, 3480, 4031, 5035, 3008, 4016,

Total distance 345 km

This was yesterdays ride but due to my fatigue and tiredness its a day late.
First stop was for my breakfast only to find a VIP coach outside full of hungry schoolkids who had scoffed all the usual chicken portions so the only thing was some chicken cooked in the wok, still delicious though

I ride north and part way along the 4031 take a right onto the 5035 which was the other track I wanted to ride on sunday but time defeated me

At N14.56.564 E099 23.676 I take a dirt track to visit a reservoir

Hopefully this will take me to the overflow

The overflow from the top

Next stop was the livestock breeding station but unlike on previous visits when there were lots more exotic animals running around, this was the only one I saw today

A small reservoir here too

I ride back to N14 56.797 E099 24.858 then take a left onto a dirt track towards the Phutoei National Park, I go inside for a quick look then realise the track that went to the right was the one I should have taken that goes through to Dan Chang

This was the view for the entire ride through the trees so no more photos, my first time riding the entire track through here today

The surface returns to asphalt at N14 57.718 E099 28.688 in the same place it did before, a few years back I rode in from this end on the Phantom but didnt venture too far

About 1 km further on is a checkpoint but I am guessing that as this is a through road you only pay at the NP, there was no checkpoint at the other end

The road is now the 3008

I take a right onto the 4016 to find out today where this road goes to, I started to ride a few years back on the Phantom but the surface soon turned to dirt, I had no GPS and it wasnt on my map

At N14 57.149 E099 32.655 the surface turns to dirt the same place as it did last time

I take a right to visit a small reservoir, thats a lot steeper than it looks in the photo and I would have had to go down with both brakes on only to be confronted with slippery algae on the concrete.
I decided falling off was inevitable plus getting out again might also be a problem so decided to give that idea a miss

The surface turns to paved at N14 54.757 E099 32.124 and just past here I take a left to visit another reservoir.
The surface returns to dirt at N14.54 681 E099 32.233 and I ride on in a fruitless attempt to find this reservoir.
I give up and ride back to the paved surface and this small reservoir was roadside a bit further along

I reach the 3086 and decide as I still have enough time to try and ride around the Lam Taphoen Reservoir to get another new track for me

This is more like it and its a pleasant ride around here

This pigeon didnt seem in the slightest bit bothered by my close presence

The surface turns to dirt at N14 47.382 E099 26.180

Back to asphalt at N14 48.107 E099 24.564.
I take a left to explore another short track and the surface turns to dirt at N14 47.926 E099 25.030

Thats as far as I need to go, I am almost at the waters edge

From here its back home

An ice cream is sought as I am feeling very hot today

A soothing massage is had back in Kanchanaburi, the shop certainly lived up to its name and its just inside the little soi that leads to the Jolly Frog

Now I know the masseuse is meant to be young and pretty but never judge a book by its cover and this was a very good massage which is the most important thing in my book

Fettuccini bolognaise at Jolly Frog, 40 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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