Jan 242009

The route 3158, 3398, 3086, 3480, 3086, 3398, 3199 323

Total distance 286 km

The morning started with a trip to the Honda dealer for the 20000 km service, I asked them to replace the air filter and spark plug as I was still using the originals. Shock horror I was presented with a bill for 594 Baht, once I recovered from this financial catastrophe I realised that 7000+ Baht was what that would have cost had I still been riding the Bm. Cheap as chips running a domestic model compared to an imported bike

I took the 3158 out past the Little Creek resort

This was a nice enough road and one that I hadnt rode before

Some good bends along here

Mainly tapioca and sugar cane out here now

I reach a t junction and turn right onto the 3398 and ride to the 3086 turning right onto it, I ride a few kms then stop for a look at Safari Park

Cars were being driven around inside but I was happy to view from outside

This girl was proudly showing her eight little rabbits to everyone

I ride alont the 3086 to Nong Prue and here take a left onto the 3480

I rode part of this road last year when I did the Si Sawat loop, I dont have time today to go that far so I just ride the rest of it

A good enjoyable road all the way back to the 3086, here I turn right and ride back to Kanchanaburi

I am staying at Tanavill Riverkwai which is where I always stay but it was previously known as C&C Tour

The view from my bedroom window

My room on a raft on the river

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