Jan 272009

The route 323, 3199, 3398, 3086, 3480, 4041, 3199, 323

Total distance 296 km

Today it was time to ride the best loop in this area again, at least thats my opinion. I took the 323 heading west then onto the 3199 for a few kms then a right onto the 3398 and a right at the junction with the 3086 and on to Nong Prue. Here its a left onto the 3480 and about 35 kms later a left onto the 4041

Less than 1 km on the 4041 and the great riding starts

The scenery matches this brilliant road as well

Its just bend after bend on this road, one year ago was the first time that I ever rode it as it wasnt tarmac all the way before and now one year on its still in perfect condition

Hardly any traffic on it at all

At the highest point the view of the big reservoir in the distance, I promised myself today to ride here at the end of the wet season next year as the views should be better

Now starts the descent but still loads more corners

Theres obviously been a few landslides since last year but they have been cleared up

Apart from this one, I guess this one will require more that a shovel and a wheelbarrow to clear up. I reported on this brilliant road one year ago and to my disappointment no one else appears to have been on it, do yourselves a favour, get over here and ride it.

I ride on and around Si Sawat the road becomes the 3199 and as I rode and photographed this last week I just enjoy its many non stop bends and ride home

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