Dec 112012

The route 323, 3343, 6018, 5040

Total distance 246 km

I ride straight to Bong Ti to try to find the other end of the dirt track that apparently goes over to Phu Nam Ron, dirt starts at N14.03.271 E098 59.920 and after two weeks of sunshine the mud from last ride here has gone

The dogs owner is out in the pond

As I get here I am told the track doesnt go over so its time to look for another track

I try another one which turns to dirt at N14 04.544 E099 00.275

Another dead end, there are a few off shoots which lead to nowhere

I ride back to the road and try another track that turns to dirt at N14 05.230 E099 00.592

It turns to a rockier climb with lots of nasty bamboo that I dont enjoy much and turn around

Another side shoot gets tried

But I meet people along it who say it does not go to where I want.
Oh well I will have to go back to the other side where I called it off on the day I was caught out in the thunderstorm and see if I can cross from there, but that can wait for another day

I ride back to the road and head west trying out some new tracks I found today, the surface turns to dirt at N14 09.443 E098 58.428 until N14 09.999 E098 58.271

I ride on to view the Ma Cher Yo Reservoir and the surface turns to dirt at N14 09.750 E098 56.693

I ride back trying out another new piece of asphalt which has good scenery shots and turns to dirt at N14 10.534 E098 56.011

Another short dirt section from N14 10.904 E098 59.114 to N14 11.050 E098 59.422

I try another side road which turns to dirt at N14 09.809 E098 59.649

At N14 10.589 E099 00.295 I turn onto a dirt track to visit the Huai Luek Reservoir

Now to ride home after finding some new asphalt roads I didnt expect to find out here, no more dirt today

A roadside reservoir

I finally found someone who knew where I could get a moo hunglay from.
This restaurant on the main highway at N14 01.672 E099 31.834 only does northern Thai food

40 Baht for a very spicy delicious meal

Get the gdb file here …

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