Nov 302012

The route 323, 3199, 3398, 3086, 6030, 4062, 3390

Total distance 247 km

Chicken fried with garlic and pepper for an early breakfast at Jolly Frog 30 Baht then it was off for an early start on a bright sunny morning

Dirt starts today at N14 23.534 E099 29.879 but the track is partially blocked to start with and only motorbikes can proceed, I ride for about 500 metres and its blocked again where it joins a wider track.
I turn left to ride this wider track back to the main asphalt road at N14 23.588 E099 29.762 then turn around and ride it northwards, its quite slippery in places from yesterdays heavy rain

But a bright warm sunny day right now, the surface turns to paved at N14 25.295 E099 29.885

My next dirt section starts at N14 31.132 E099 27.143

Back to a paved surface at N14 30.714 E099 25.350

Dirt starts again at N14 31.190 E099 25.017 until N14 31.087 E099 23.667

I ride on asphalt stopping where it finishes and turning back until I return to N14 30.748 E099 23.554 where I turn left onto a dirt track

I am trying to reach a reservoir but suddenly I reach this obstruction and have to retrace my route to find a way round it

This is looking more promising and I am nearing to where that gate was

Almost opposite the gate and that hole in the hedge is where the track goes

I walk through first widening the gap and clearing obstacles out of the way then manage to ride through

Out the other side and apart from lots of muddy bits things are going great

Finally I reach the Lam I Su Reservoir

Overflowing as I expected it to be

The surface returns to asphalt at N14 32.459 E099 22.552

I ride to another small reservoir and the surface turns to dirt at N14 38.483 E099 21.893.
The water level was quite low here unlike all the others I have seen around here

I ride along a few asphalt roads then another dirt section from N14 36.364 E099 23.508 to N14 37.877 E099 24.891

At the other end of the dirt track stands a dam in the middle of nowhere, now that was definitely not there when I last rode here three years ago because there was a road there that I rode on

So if and when it ever gets completed all this will be under water

All of the machinery is just sitting around rusting and no work looks like its been done recently

The overflow is much higher than the surrounding area and my take is a high earth core dam going across to that mound will hold the water in on the left side

Perhaps in future visits this will start to happen

The view from the Buddah

Along the 4062 is the Nong Krang Reservoir

Along here I take shelter from a small passing shower

On the way home I try out a side track and it turns to dirt at N14 11.670 E099 30.621 until its back to paved at N14 08.902 E099 31.539

Just like my last ride out two days ago I get to within 10 km of home and get another thunderstorm unloading its contents upon me, I take refuge for about 20 minutes then it stops and I ride home

A large vegetarian pizza at Jolly Frog for tea, it was filling, delicious and only 105 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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