Nov 282012

The Route 323, 3199, 3086, 3398

Total distance 174 km

A hot gai phad kapow for 30 Baht at Jolly Frog which was good
A wet morning here to start with until about 8am then it finally stopped and I set off despite being told its going to rain more

Todays dirt adventure starts at N14 20.523 E099 29.133 and from here I soon take a right to explore new territory off the track I rode yesterday.
Its not as wet this far out as I was expecting it to be

I soon meet a very friendly dog indeed but he wont stay still long enough to get a decent picture

I was expecting more water crossings today but this was the only one

The KLX is over now to get the rest of my gear

I reach a paved surface at N14 23.398 E099 29.941 and traffic is soon held up by a large herd of cattle slowly moving along the road

I dont know what the crash helmet on the post is meant to mean.
The surface turns to dirt from N14 23.737 E099 29.564 to N14 24.724 E099 28.582 then its asphalt until N14 24.243 E099 27.360 where I turn around and ride back a bit before taking a left which takes me to the 3086.
I head north on the 3086 for a short way then take a left onto another unknown road that turns to dirt at N14 26.731 E099 28.478

Mostly easy going dry stuff but a bit of mud here and there

I reach asphalt at N14 27.574 E099 27.287 and this continues until N14 28.045 E099 25.268.
I ride a bit further to finish connecting up with a track then turn back and take a left onto a dirt track at N14 27.987 E099 25.600

It climbs a bit and I am under low tree cover for a while

Then its back out in the open and the harder bit is done

I reach asphalt at N14 30.149 E099 25.829 and stop here for these photos

I ride on taking a turn off the paved road at N14 30.324 E099 25.391 to visit a reservoir and here the map on the GPS nearly puts me in the water, luckily I stopped here first

The map shows this as a track going on over the overflow

But that is what I would have come down and getting back up again would be a problem

Back a bit and a very friendly bunch of people here

Making charcoal here

The charcoal is being bagged up

Back on the paved road I ride on visiting this place that can be seen for quite a way, its very striking from a distance and only up close can you see its not so striking down lower

Great views from up here though

From here I ride further north until I reach a t junction then turn back and ride back to the 3086
I turn right then quickly take another right onto a paved surface that turns to dirt at N14 28.992 E099 27.240

The sky is darkening now

Todays dirt finishes at N14 27.685 E099 26.826 and its back to the 3086 and try to get home in the dry

Along the way home lots of Loy Krathong produce for sale

I am about 10 km short of home when I have to take cover from rain too heavy to see where I am going

What has gone wrong with the weather lately? its virtually the end of november and this shouldnt still be happening with this regularity

A chicken cordon bleu with fries and a cucumber and onion salad for 80 Baht at Jolly Frog, it was a large delicious meal superbly cooked as is usual here and brilliant value for money


Get the gdb file here …

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