Nov 272012

The Route 323, 3199, 3086, 3398

Total distance 161 km

Feeling fully back to normal this morning but still not a big appetite and I fancied a Cumberland sausage and bread rolls at the Jolly Frog.
Its been months since I last enjoyed a sausage and this was a remindeer of how delicious I always found them, 40 Baht the lot

Now at the start of todays adventure exploring more roads both on asphalt and dirt but mainly dirt that were all new for me

That mountain range is always to my west now for todays trip

Todays dirt starts at N14 15.317 E099 27.677

Its back to asphalt from N14 17.871 E099 27.679 to N14 19.273 E099 27.682.
Thats one dead straight road heading direct north going by those two E coordinates but as its on dirt I dont really notice as theres a lot more going on and its a fun ride on a dry surface

From the road it looked like a sort of threshing machine but as I got closer I realised they were reeling in the hose pipes for irrigating the crops

More asphalt from N14 20.645 E099 27.988 to N14 22.446 E099 26.574.
Along this stretch I find a fellow brickie

With the most important tool in any self respecting brickies collection

A longish dusty section now thats compounded by pickups throwing up clouds of dust

A short asphalt stretch from N14 23.098 E099 24.466 to N14 23.437 E099 23.384

They are preparing for Loi Krathong at the reservoir

The right bike for these parts, a lot of these roads have recently had the stone surface laid down and its very loose at the moment

The road splits and I carry on heading north but the surface soon becomes sandy

Here I decide to turn around and follow the other track as its looking like it just going to be a farm access track

Now back on the loose but stoney surface

Asphalt from N14 26.160 E099 24.797 to N14 27.117 E099 24.844

The farmer with his chilli crop

That picture looks nice

Lots of radios playing away today wherever I stop

These were happily working away to the sound of music

Asphalt starts again at N14 20.523 E099 29.133 and I stay on it to join up with a track I was on earlier then ride back a bit and take a right onto dirt starting at N14 20.392 E099 29.030

This goes alongside a swift flowing river

With these pleasing views to be seen

As I clamber back up the bank the KLX looms monstrous above me

I recognize this man, hes the ice cream man and selling the hot workers a nice cool treat

A couple of scoops of rice at the bottom then ice cream and nuts for 10 Baht, it was gorgeous

I think they all enjoyed theirs too

Some rather deep quarry pits along this dirt track and not a good idea to go into one
I head west reaching asphalt at N14 18.024 E099 27.997 and ride for about 0.6 km until I reach the road I was on earlier
The track recorded its an about turn and I ride east reaching the paved surface at N14 17.631 E099 29.390 and ride home after a brilliant fun days exploring new tracks.

Chicken and rice 40 Baht


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