Dec 192009

The route 324, 3443, 3306, 3390, 3488, 3086, 333, 3011, 3282, 3438, 3456, 3504, 1072, 1117, unknown, 4003, 1116, 4001, 1110, 1108, 105

Total distance 492 km

It was a 7.30 start this morning, out of town on the 324 and what a busy road this was this morning, it was great to finally take a left onto the much more peaceful 3443

Looks like the workers are in no hurry to get working

I take a left onto the 3306

Its another well surfaced road with some decent views

Heading out of Ban Rai on the 3282 and this is the best part of the journey with not much traffic

Some good scenery plus a fine riding road

The 1072 takes me to the 1117 and I stop here at a Honda shop to get the oil changed. The mechanic seems to want to take the bike apart, hes cleaning and inspecting everything, normally I wouldnt mind but I am in a hurry to get going. Finally the bill arrives and I expect it to be a bit higher than normal but its only 20 Baht, I question it as I thought that the cashier must have forgotten to charge for the oil. Apparently its a promotion at the moment for the new year

I leave the shop along the 1117 then after about twenty km take a left onto an unnumbered road

A right onto the 4003

Then a left onto the 1116

Apart from the odd pot hole on a smaller road the entire journey is done on good roads

At a crossroads its straight over and the road is now the 4001

At the end its a left onto the 1110 then further on a left onto the 1108 which takes me to the 105, I turn left onto it and ride to Mae Sot

A spicy Mexican at Krua Canadian tonight for 140 Baht

Followed by the ice cream for 55 Baht at the same restaurant

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