Dec 132012

The route 323, 324, 3001, 5072, 4006, 3363, 4017, 5045, 

Total distance 155 km

Filling up with fuel this morning I noticed the Caltex station on the 325 now sells 95 benzine again

Its not cheap though at 49.3 Baht per litre

Exploring some local tracks today to the NE of town

Its fresh and windy here today after a small amount of overnight rain, the Huai Krachao Reservoir has lots of waves from the wind

That shelter is just the job for my food and rest break

Todays dirt was
N14 10.463 E099 39.492 to N14 10.232 E099 39.697
N14 16.314 E099 36.697 to N14 15.118 E099 32.979
N14 06.775 E099 37.909 to N14 03.533 E099 37.660

Chicken and rice 40 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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