Feb 062009

The route 3305, 3228, 3209, 3274, 4025, 3087, 3313, 3206, 3510, 3499, 3432, 3410, 3175, 3187, Hwy 4

Total distance 365 km

I took the 3305, 3228, 3209, 3274, 4025, 3087, 3313, and 3206 out of town then along the 3206 I took a right onto the 3510 and headed for Nong Ya Plong and from here on it was all new territory for me today

The 3510 is a good road until past Nong Ya Plong, its a wide well surfaced road with dips and some curves

Then its under construction until it reaches the 3499 and the further you go the rougher it is

Some of the views are okay though

I do a right onto the 3499

What a pleasant road this is

I ride up to the Kaeng Krachan dam and ride along it

I take the 3432

This is a very enjoyable road

But then comes a 1.5 km gravel section, that isnt too bad though

Good scenery

A pleasant road again now too

Then its more rough riding again for a while

The scenery is really great in places

A new tarmac section yet to have lines painted on it

Plenty of pineapples growing out here

Fields of them

I get given two as a gift

I reach the 3410 and take a right, this only goes for about five kms then stops at this small reservoir

Its back along the 3410, at its finish I take the 3175 then the 3187 to Hwy 4 and ride to Phetchaburi. Its my first time ever in this town and I check in at the Rabiang Rimnam where I get a room for 120 Baht

I eat in the restaurant where I am staying, this very tasty dish of pork, onions and macaroni was only 35 Baht, I eat it then order another one it was that delicious, the pineapple was free as it was half of one that I was given

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