Jan 142008
I took the 323 heading west of of Kanchanaburi for about 15 km then it was a left onto the 3229 and then after I crossed the railway line it was a right onto the 3445, after a few km I came to a crossroads and went straight over and the road is now the 3512

The 3512 is in okay condition on this older section of it

As I get closer to the Myanmar border there has been some new tarmac laid since I last rode here in february 07

A nice bit of tarmac heading up hill

But still lots of unfinished sections, I saw a few idle machines today and not much progress has really been made here in the last year

As I get down into Ban Phu Numron the sign says the road straight ahead goes on to Ban Bongtee 45 km further on which is where I came to the Burmese border on yesterdays trip, I turn left and head for the Burmese border about 4 km away

Here is where the tarmac ends and I dont see the point in doing any more road works as the border is only a further 400 metres away and is never going to be a tourist point

I rise along a stony track for the 400 metres and here is the border

I ride through and 1 km later here is a small Burmese settlement but there are soldiers here and when they see me I am told no more photos

One of the Thai soldiers then appears on his bike ans tells me I have crossed over the border and I should return so its a trip back now, but it is my second consecutive days trip inside Burma

The Thai Army camp as I am heading back towards it

This is reading it from inside Burma but no similar sign is there to tell you not to go out/enter from the Thai side

A picture to warm the hearts of feminists everywhere, sexual equality, women doing the same work as men for the same money

Now to get back to tarmac

I ride back about 18 km then take a right sign posted to Ban Takhian Ngam

This road has no number

I come to a crossroads, straight over is just nothing, I take the right and it twists for 4 km then ends here

I go back to the crossroads and go straight over

After a few kms there is a turning to my right, I take it

4 km later this also ends, so its a turn back

A short journey but a pleasant ride all the same

I get back to the main road and its a right to carry on eastwards

supper for someone tonight

There is another turning to the right along here but I have rode it last year and it will have to wait for another day as time is getting on and its another days trip anyway. I ride on eventually reaching Dan Ma Kham Tai and here I turn left and go home

This is the view from my window

But then it changes

And changes yet again, I have always stayed here on these floating rafts when staying in Kanchanaburi, they are great

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