Dec 072009

The route 3228, 3455, 4032, 6018, 5059, 6018, unknown, 4032, 3455, 3228

Total distance 272 km

I headed out on the 3228 then about thirty km later took a left onto the 3455 running parallel with the rail line

At a ninety degree right bend I carry straight on now the roads the 4032

I stop at Tham Krasae train station, here at the River Kwai Kabin lots of fun is going on

Its time for a walk along the railway track to visit the Krasae Cave

Looking down whilst up here isnt the best thing to do, unfortunately some of the boards are broken and not looking down at where I am treading could have bad results

Krasae Cave

Now its time to walk back but a train can be heard in the distance

Here it comes, time to jump on a rock

I didnt realise just how close the train ran to the cliff

Now the others who had to dodge the train can get back on the line too

Back on the bike and I ride across the river

At a t junction I turn left and am on the 6018

This is a great road with very good scenery all along it

A lake just past Bongti

At this lake the tarmac road finishes and its a dirt track to the Burmese border about two km further on

I notice this house opposite where I am parked and wander over

I dont feel up to any offroad stuff today so its time to turn around for the ride back

I obviously got the wrong day because theres definitely no market here today

I take a left to ride the 5059 loop

Which is probably about ten km, then its back on the 6018 heading home

I take a right onto an unnumbered road that branches out in places but always leads to unsurfaced roads

Back along the 3228 and going over a crossing I see my second train of the day, a record out this way

Full digital zoom

This sign attracted my attention

Definitely needs exploring

I plump for the lasagna as its not available every day whereas the pizzas are, 200 Baht for this tasty filling meal. Kanchanaburi has been lacking a restaurant like this, I am told that the pizzas are very good too, I will be trying that out for myself in the next few days

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