Nov 182012

The Route 3305, 3228, 3455, 4032, 6018, 5040, 5037, 323, 3229, 4023

Total distance 268 km

Thankfully last nights heavy rain has finished and its a pleasant start to the day

Near the Krasae Cave and plenty of adventure activities around here

Time to walk along the railway track to the cave

Inside the cave

A 10 baht bunch of bananas was purchased along the roadside

The first giant km marker that I have seen out this way

It certainly dwarfs the KLX

Now on the 6018 heading towards Bong Ti

The asphalt finishes at N14 02.665 E098 59.330

Its now a muddy ride towards the border and this Wave has the right tyre choice

Last nights rain fell out as far as here

The border gate is down and theres no one here to lift it, here is N14 02.009 E098 59.452

I ride up to the army camp and the gate to go through is now here.
I have rode into Burma from here twice before and on the Bm I went about 4 km inside along a bumpy dirt track but there was nothing to see only bamboo and I was told by a Thai woman in a truck that it was pointless going in any further

Time to ride back

I ride back a short way then take a right onto another short asphalt road that just before the surface finishes is completely covered by mud that has run off the field, yes the bike is parked on an asphalt surface

The dirt track that goes off into the woods doesnt look as slippery as the road was

Now to walk back to the bike which I left at the end of the asphalt section, I have no interest in doing any offroad riding today

I think every reservoir I visited today was completely full

I ride a couple of side roads and turning back whenever the asphalt surface finished, leaving the offroad sections for another day when its dried out a bit.
There was a short section from N14 04.692 E099 00.416 to N14 04.544 E099 00.275 where the surface was unpaved and another one from N14 05.381 E099 05.077 to N14 05.012 E099 05.860

Another giant km marker along the 5040 but no information is painted on this one yet

I explore a few new roads for me today then its time to head home and its not very often you have to wait at a level crossing out in this neck of the woods

The cattle are certainly enjoying the shredded maize

Another tasty meal at the street market for 40 baht tonight

Get the gdb file here …

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  4 Responses to “Kanchanaburi-Bong Ti And A Couple Of New Roads”

  1. I think it was about 60 km, any bike will do it but I don’t know what is available to rent in Kanchanaburi


  2. Hi there,

    Super reporting on the Kanchana- Myanmar bike trip…

    I a planning on doing the same trip to Phu Nam Ronn Broder for a visa run,

    Any idea of how may kilometer from Kanchana and what kind of bike would you recommend as I plan on renting one.



  3. I am back in the north now and wont be back to Kanchanaburi for a year or so

  4. nice roads you doing  ! I living in suang phung ! in the winter 
    december till February ! Woud like to join you ! I drive dirt bike ass well 
    let my know , maybe some fun ! Better than ride single 

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