Jan 292009

The route 323, 3199, 3398, 3086, 3480, 4031, 3011, unknown, 5015, 3008, 333, 3086, 3398, 3199, 323

Total distance 420 km

When I rode the 3480 at Nong Prue recently I noticed a road going north, it is on my Thinknet map as a minor road so I decided to check it out today.
I took my usual route to Nong Prue then took the 3480 and just past the Sathan Phrabahami Hospital I took a left onto the 4031

The map showed a nice twisty road and thats what it is

Some good scenery

And this lovely road

A few of these rollercoasters along here today

My first time on this road and it definitely wont be the last

Its great to be amongst the hills again

I am really enjoying this road that my map shows joins the 3011 which heads west out of Ban Rai

After 33 kms of great fun the road turns to an unmade surface

After three kms of an easyish going but dusty surface its back to tarmac again but sadly only for one km

It starts off okay

Looking back and I am kicking up a fair bit of dust, at one point a lorry came the other way round a corner and it was hell for a few minutes

Its still quite a pleasant journey at the moment and I am thinking of returning this way to enjoy it again

After a while the surface is terrible, its rutted and lots of bulldust everywhere and I decide to go back another way

After that seven km section of rough unmade I reach the 3011 and turn left

This is so pleasant after that last dust bowl

Its a great surface for ten kms then the road is being widened and its unsurfaced for the next ten kms

I reach a tarmac surface and ride into Ban Tai

Quite what the sign means I dont know

The most impressive house that I saw here

Lots of others were little more than this

Some scenery shots from just past the village

I ride back along the road works

The amount of machinery and the scale of the works makes me expect to see a nice new shiny black surface next time I ride here

A lorry passes as I am getting the camera out

Finally the dust settles, I wonder if that pole will be moved or stays there and gets tarmac put around it

I ride towards Ban Rai and just before it I take a right onto an unnumbered road thinking that this links up with the 3008, its a pleasant enough road

Hills either side

Look at the state of my poor bike, as you are all aware I pride myself on having a spotlessly clean bike. After eight kms the road becomes unmade, its 15.45 and not the time to start exploring offroad when I am about 150 kms from home so I ride back and into Ban Rai. At Ban Rai I find the 5015 which was the road that I wanted to be on so I take it and reach the 3008, here I can take a right and ride to the Khao Phu Toei National Park and home but it looks a twisty road so I take the left and ride to the 333 then turn right and on to home. Todays ride was a few new roads that were really great finds plus I saw some more turnings that need exploring so another days will be needed out here probably tomorrow

It was the No Name Bar for tonights delicacy, a poster on here told me recently (its not all sausages and chips) well it certainly was tonight Simon, and delicious too for 140 Baht

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