Dec 042009

The route 3228, 3445, 3512, 5024, 5010, 3209, 3228

Total distance 194 km

Out of town heading west on the 3228

In all my trips out here I think that I have only ever seen the train twice

It pays to look though as it would be real bad luck to be hit by one of the two trains a day

I take a left onto the 3445 and cross the river

A new resort perhaps

Now on the 3512 and its a sports day along here

Lost to the world

Shes gonna grow up a bit tubby

Time to blow a bubble

Shes putting some energy into that one

Time to ride on to the Burmese border

I remember when this road was being widened, it was dirt and dust for a long time, now its the AH 123

But a couple of km past Ban Phu Numron it finishes 450 metres before the Burmese border

Its a rough rocky then dirt track to the border

I somehow dont think that this road will go any further, at least not for many years as its just a dirt track on the Burmese side

I ride about twenty km back the way that I came then take a right onto the 5024

This Buddah wasnt here in january

A few km further I stop for a drink and a photo, these people offered me food which I declined but I was then given a plastic bag full of ice cubes and some pepsi which I gratefully accepted

Tapioca and sugar being harvested along here

The youngster has just put a green thing in his mouth which he chews on for a while then spits out

It doesnt look too appetising to me either

Time to ride on and is it my imagination or is it getting greener

One of the Thais favourite pastimes

A few km further on and a bit of a mishap

Two steel tow ropes are attached, one to stop it from rolling over and one to pull it out with

Its safely out and about six tractors set off together

Theres quite a strong smell of onions riding along here

I ride on and at a y junction I go on ahead and the road is now the 5010 which takes me into Dan Makham Tia, here I take a left onto the 3209, I ride towards Kanchanaburi then take a left onto the 3228 and ride home

Walking to the restaurant and I come across this Harley Davidson XR 175 which has one or two bits from a Kawasaki Boss on it

I eat in a restaurant thats only been open about ten days

The owner was running the No Name Bar for a few years and did a very good all day breakfast which he now does here

A lovely well cooked tasty meal that completely fills me up

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