Jan 282009

The route 3228, 3445, 3512, unknown, 3209, 3228

Total distance 199 km

It was the 3228 heading west then a left onto the 3445 for a few kms then at a crossroads I go straight over and its the 3512

The 3512 which is also AH123 and it is being widened from the Burmese border end back

This soil here is just virtually sand, tapioca must grow in just about anything

I thought this was probably an ornament for someones garden but later I came across a place where there were lots of them being cut up

See what a lovely road this is

But just after Ban Phu Nam Ron it just finishes here about 400 metres from the Burmese border

This track goes to the border


Perhaps this little track is going to get the tarmac treatment as well

The border, as there is nothing here or no roads on the other side I wonder why the big road improvements, I certainly cant ever imagine being able to do a border run here or is AH123 going to cross Burma as well

I ride back along this very fine piece of tarmac

Then take a right onto an unnumbered road that goes to Dan Makham Tia

This is a very enjoyable road as well

Some decent twists and a pretty good surface

Someones got a fire in the distance

It wont be long before most of the north is like this I guess. I ride into Dan Makham Tia then take the 3209 and after a while a left still on the 3209 and at the t junction its a right onto the 3228 and home

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