Dec 162012

The route 324, 3443, 3306, 3390, 3488, 3086, 333, 3008, 4031, 3282, 4029, 3456, 3504, 1072, 1117, 1139, 1116, 4001, 1110, 1108, 105

Total distance 518 km

I got away by 6.30 am so a nice early start for this long ride on the backroads

It was a rather cool ride until about 9 am, I took a couple of new side roads to try and get a bit of variety

Still plenty of water in the reservoir the same as my ride down just over a month ago

This was the only burning I saw today

Theres a lot of tracks going off to the west off the 3504 and the 1072 that need exploring sometime but accommodation is a bit thin on the ground out in the wilds.
Perhaps a tent needs to be invested in for exploring this area

This youngster was quite chatty and friendly until the camera came out

The adults werent so shy

10 Baht got me a large bunch of these

A long tiring ride today but an enjoyable one all the same.
I reach Mae Sot on 4 pm and manage to get the last room at the Smile Guest House

One delicious filling meal at the Tea Shop for 50 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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  4 Responses to “Kanchanaburi Back To Mae Sot”

  1. Will do next time I visit there

  2. There are several resorts along the 1117 around Khlong Lan Patthana. Perhaps you can haggle them down during the week?

  3. Hi Colin,
    Seeing you are back in Mae Sot could you do me a small favour, please? Next time you call in at Casa Mia please say hello from me. Perhaps they still remember the tall German with glasses riding a big trail bike. I stayed in MS for 9 months in 2009 and had breakfast there most mornings.
    Thanks, Peter.

  4. Cheers Colin! 

    You should stay in the hotels sometime along the #1 and #11. By far the best rooms I’ve stayed in for 250-300 baht were in Tak. On the main routes I just look for a sign, on the main route, with huge numbers stating room rate and the Thai word for hotel (which I recognized then but could not possibly repeat, that is gone now from the cold)

    Safe travels! 

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