Jan 172011

The route 3305, 3228, 3209, 3274, 4025, 3087, 3313, 3206, 3510, 3349, Hwy 4

Total distance 201 km

Plenty of cheerful workers cutting the sugar cane down

I could hear them talking and laughing away

Further along and these two were weeding the coriander field

Personally I would have left the weeds and thrown the coriander away, I detest the stuff

Some dips and curves on todays trip

Reasonable scenery too, I enjoy todays ride but dont take any more photos.
Once the side roads run out I have to ride a 10-15 km section of hwy 4 but not too bad, unfortunately over the next two days I will be riding more of it but only when theres no alternative

I check in at the Rabiang Rim Nam at N13.06.517 E099.56.858 for 120 Baht, a spicy pork macaroni was eaten here for only 40 Baht

Opposite side of the road to my guesthouse and the ice cream parlour beckons, 39 Baht for this one.
Get the gdb file here …

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