Nov 262012

The Route 323, 3199, 3086, 3398

Total distance 113 km

After a 48 hour period of eating virtually nothing and spending most of that time in bed I finally managed to eat some breakfast.
Wholemeal toast and baked beans was about all I could face this morning, 45 Baht at Jolly Frog

Time to get out again and initially the KLX didnt want to start, I guess the two day holiday upset its stomach too

Out exploring a few short paved and dirt roads not far from town

This unpaved track lulls me into a false sense of security and I am thinking the surface will be dry today despite it raining lots on saturday and again yesterday

Todays dirt sections were from N14 08.876 E099 23.624 to N14 09.051 E099 23.293 and from N14 13.743 E099 20.386 to N14 15.612 E099 25.110

I couldnt have picked a worse trip for today

It got worse under the cover of the trees and was a slow laborious task keeping moving, its a sweating cursing trip at the moment compounded by the fact I dont really feel up to it right now

Out in the arse end of nowhere now but this guy says I can reach Bo Phloi this way, thats good to know as I am riding on no track now and have to change course a few times because of deep mud

Having rode down a lot of steep rocky parts and some single track I was pleased to actually see a vehicle come from the direction I am heading in and glad when he nodded as I said Bo Phloi

All of a sudden and I emerge from the gloom to this and its an easy ride back to the asphalt surface.
I am feeling much more back to normal now and managing to eat and drink plenty of water, hopefully tomorrow I will feel fully fit again.
What was to have been a day exploring lots of new tracks turned into a day of trying to escape from one track

Along the road and people are stopped at this bike that has crashed into the woods

With the riders body lying close by, apparently it happened at about 10 pm last night, as I take the photo at about 3.30pm I guess he has not been discovered long, the accident wasnt visible from the road.
My first sighting of a dead body and hopefully not something I will get to see on a regular basis

Chicken and yellow rice for tonights food, 30 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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