Dec 022012

The route 323, 3199, 3398, 3086, 4015, 4042, 3480, 4031

Total distance 321 km

Chicken fried with basil at Jolly Frog for 30 Baht then off north exploring more new territory

I take the same route up as yesterday then take the 4042 for a short while before taking a left at N14 46.365 E099 24.038 onto a dirt track

Dirt finishes at N14 47.089 E099 21.850

Another dirt section starting at N14 47.583 E099 20.721 to N14 48.447 E099 21.141 and more dirt from N14 49.326 E099 21.435 to N14 50.303 E099 20.067

These kids seem to be enjoying themselves in the water

I reach the 4031 turning left onto it then a couple of minutes later take a right to explore my new territory for today.
The surface turns to dirt at N14 50.648 E099 19.350

There is a concrete section from N14 52.102 E099 18.194 to N14 52.410 E099 17.862 and just before the concrete finishes is a check point but no problems here

A few water crossings today but not deep though

Now I am riding alongside the massive reservoir that goes past Si Sawat

I had no idea what to expect from todays plans as it could have turned out to be a narrow rocky single track but it didnt and I was rewarded with a lovely find

Got all the essentials here

Quite a few places along here and at this place I was invited to eat with them

Spicy pork which was not bad

I certainly wasnt expecting to see anything like this up here

A catching T shirt

Certainly no shortage of water for irrigating the crops here

Now that would be good fun out on the lake

I am certainly enjoying this ride today as its a really great find

Fuel here in hand pumps

The end of the track, time for my lunch then to start the ride back

A van is stopped thats selling food and drinks but sadly no ice creams here

My last sight of the reservoir and I ride back taking the other fork to my left to explore along there

This track heads out of the village heading west and probably joins up with the other track I was on as I saw a track heading east off of it

Back in the village and I saw fuel pumps here in two places

I take this track out heading NE

I am guessing they are for farm access

Well a fun days exploring is done and more data for the map obtained, now to ride home.
I am often asked about the fuel economy of the KLX, on todays trip I filled up at Nong Prue this morning and again on the way home and all this offroading today worked out at 35 kpl.
Yesterday afternoon I filled up at the same place, rode home and back there this morning and sticking to a steady 90 kph on the highway the KLX only returned 32kpl.
Its not offroad riding that makes the KLX thirsty its riding fast on the roads that makes it drink the stuff

Pork ribs in sweet and sour sauce and rice for 66 Baht at Jolly Frog, lovely

Followed by half a pineapple I bought at the market

Get the gdb file here …

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