Nov 172012

The Route 323, 324, 3001, 3086, 6030, 3480, 4041, 3199

Total distance 333 km

A hot spicy gai phad kapow at Da Wut Cha restaurant for breakfast for 35 baht, then it was time to ride off on the Si Sawat loop

Some shots from along the 6030, unfortunately its a cloudy day which I was hoping would have passed by now but it was not to be

There is evidence of rainfall here which we didnt have in town

Now on the twisty 4041

Plenty of greenery and some of it is on the road, I guess this road isnt very busy so not enough traffic to keep it clean

Thats the direction the clouds are coming from and no sign of any blue sky

At the highest spot and its some disappointing photos of the reservoir today, I was hoping for some clear shots

Banana country around here

Not the sort of insignia I was expecting to see out here, the shop owner said, I make that, I like Hitler.
Possibly hes had some obnoxious people in jeeps from a certain country come here pissing him off and thats his way of deterring them from future stops here

Its been two years since I last rode here and this wasnt here then

There is a viewpoint up in the hill at N14 35.576 E099 08.190 but not much of a view today

Time to ride back along the twisty section of the 3199 between the two ferry ports

Whether thats a Sonic or a CBR engine in that bike, its watercooled anyway

The water level is quite low for this time of the year

I was here a few years ago when the shop was flooded out and that table would have been submerged to at least half way up

The lower dam is releasing water for generating electricity and from here home its a ride on soaking wet roads, fortunately I didnt see any rain.
But as I am writing this its raining very heavily here

A plate of chicken and yellow rice at the market again tonight, 30 baht and nice

The stall next door does this chicken on the skewer for 10 baht and 5 baht for the sticky rice, it was a spicy meal with the sauce that was put on it

Pomelo from the market for 25 baht completes the meal

Get the gdb file here …

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