Jan 312014

The route 3158, 3157, 3001, 324

Total distance 94 km
Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3833.jpg
A tasty stir fried chicken and ginger at the restaurant I found yesterday gave me a pleasant breakfast
Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3834.jpg

Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3835.jpg

Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3836.jpg
One muddy section in an otherwise very dry part of Thailand
Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3837.jpg

Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3838.jpg

Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3839.jpg
Nasty lump on the dog, no wonder it seemed a bit grumpy
Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3847.jpg

Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3848.jpg

Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3849.jpg
Making charcoal here
Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3850.jpg

Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3851.jpg
Mother and duaghter bringing back some water.
What a lovely smile on the little girls face
Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3852.jpg

Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3853.jpg
Out in the middle of nowhere and I doubt the little girl has seen westerners out here before
Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3854.jpg
So thats where they got their water from
Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3858.jpg
Unlike the pump I found a couple of days ago this one actually dispensed clean looking water
Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3859.jpg

Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3860.jpg
I stop and about 8 Thais rode past a bit ahead doing the same as me, enjoying offroad riding.
Interestingly apart from a Wave they were all on modified small Sonic type bikes, the ideal bikes in my opinion
Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3861.jpg

Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3862.jpg

Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3863.jpg
This guy was on a modified 110 Smash
Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3866.jpg

Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3867.jpg

Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3868.jpg

Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3869.jpg

Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3870.jpg
Another day mapping in the same area that I have been in for the past four days, another couple of days should see this bit finished
Kanchanaburi 31/1/2014-img_3873.jpg
Market food 40 Baht


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