Jan 282014

The route 324

Total distance 105 km
Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3758.jpg

Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3759.jpg

Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3760.jpg
Some more new fun dry tracks found today
Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3761.jpg

Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3762.jpg
Out along here I stumbled across this unexpected find
Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3763.jpg

Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3764.jpg
Initially I thought it was a Chinese Temple but I was told that the owner of the land is Chinese
Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3765.jpg

Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3766.jpg
This dog didnt seem to want to get up
Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3767.jpg

Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3768.jpg
This place is at N14.06465 E099.57320
Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3769.jpg
The chickens are real live ones and not statues
Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3770.jpg

Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3771.jpg

Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3772.jpg

Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3773.jpg

Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3774.jpg
A bit of fun in the road
Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3775.jpg

Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3776.jpg

Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3777.jpg

Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3778.jpg

Kanchanaburi 28/1/2014-img_3780.jpg
Market food for 40 Baht


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