Jan 262014

The route 3199, 3086, 3398

Total distance 151 km
Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3693.jpg
I was expecting a warmer night in Kanchanaburi as its a lot lower altitude but it was still cold
Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3697.jpg
Cattle enjoying their breakfast
Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3698.jpg

Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3699.jpg

Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3700.jpg

Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3701.jpg
Dry dusty tracks but its a bit hazy here
Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3703.jpg

Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3704.jpg

Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3706.jpg

Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3707.jpg
Various crops grown around here
Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3708.jpg
A change of scenery now as I ride through the woods
Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3709.jpg

Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3710.jpg
A handy lunch stop out in the bush
Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3711.jpg

Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3712.jpg

Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3713.jpg

Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3714.jpg

Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3715.jpg

Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3716.jpg
A few fires burning around here today
Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3717.jpg

Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3719.jpg

Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3720.jpg
One of these spoke a bit of English and told me if I was riding on to be careful as there are big elephants up in the woods and can be a danger to motorcyclists, she said dont go far.
Usually warnings are scare tectics near borders by the authorities and I ignore them but I took this girl at her word and didnt venture too far up there, it wasnt a through track anyway.
Not sure if the insurance would pay out if an elephant sat on my bike
Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3721.jpg
At a shop out on the track
Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3722.jpg

Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3723.jpg

Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3724.jpg

Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3726.jpg

Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3727.jpg
Its getting dustier
Kanchanaburi 26/1/2014-img_3730.jpg
Tasty street food tonight for 40 Baht


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