Feb 022014

The route 324

Total distance 73 km
Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3899.jpg
Breakfast at a new restaurant that only opened a week ago, 40 Baht for the pork with garlic and pepper
Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3905.jpg
Dredging an irrigation canal and I didnt realise it was so deep
Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3906.jpg
A very late start today but I dont have a lot left in this area to map
Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3907.jpg

Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3908.jpg
Cattle galore again
Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3909.jpg
The ice cream man
Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3910.jpg
20 Baht and it went down very well in the heat, Kanchanaburi really warmed up about five days ago and today is quite hot
Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3911.jpg

Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3912.jpg

Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3913.jpg

Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3914.jpg

Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3915.jpg

Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3916.jpg
A lot of people in the water today
Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3917.jpg

Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3918.jpg
This wraps up all the tracks in this particular area
Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3922.jpg
This was in the shade at 3.30pm
Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3923.jpg
Out in the waning sun, I should have thought of it earlier when it was a bit warmer.
Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3929.jpg

Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3930.jpg

Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3931.jpg

Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3932.jpg
A restaurant that wasnt open on my trip here last year provided me with tonights meal, its at N14.03368 E099.52018
Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3933.jpg

Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014-img_3934.jpg
My first western food since I got here, 150 Baht


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  1. That’s a sad state of affairs if you are starting to run out of roads to map, maybe you need to visit Oz? :-)

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