Jan 222009

The route 1116, unknown,1117, 1072, 3504, 3473, 3438, 3282, 3011, 333, 3086, 3398, 3199, 323

Total distance 484 km

I took the 1116 for about 5 km

Then a left onto an unnumbered road, plenty of rice growing along here, at the junction with the 1117 it was a right and at Ban Khlong Lan a left onto the 1072

Lots of new tarmac along here

New but lines on it here

Its this lovely surface for quite a long way

An excellent piece of road this

The road number now becomes the 3504

At a crossroads I take a right onto the 3473, its not a brilliant surface and pretty unexciting until after Mae Poen then it gets better

At a sharp left hand bend the road becomes the 3438 and is a real improvement

I take a right and ride to the Thap Sela reservoir

Then its the 3438 into Lan Sak and a couple of kms later its a right onto the 3282

This is another nice twisty road

I enjoy this road until it reacher Ban Rai, here its a left onto the 3011 until I reach the 333 where I turn right and ride to Dan Chang. Here its a petrol and water stop then about five more kms on the 333 then its a right onto the 3086

The 3086 is a nice road for quite a long way apart from the sugar cane lorries on it, I take a left onto the 3398 and at the t junction its a left onto the 3199 which ends at a crossroads with the 323 which takes me into Kanchanaburi

Its Indian food tonight at Ali Bongos, I personally consider the food here to be the best Indian food that I have ever eaten

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