Mar 012014

The route 64, 83, 62, C21, C19, C106, 12, C108, C130, C23, 2, 1535, 1553, C143

Total distance 339 km
Jerantut 1/3/2014-img_4613.jpg
Indian chicken curry breakfast
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Jerantut 1/3/2014-img_4616.jpg
The Sungai Pahang
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Jerantut 1/3/2014-img_4619.jpg
A fast current is noticed on this river
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Jerantut 1/3/2014-img_4621.jpg

Jerantut 1/3/2014-img_4622.jpg

Jerantut 1/3/2014-img_4623.jpg

Jerantut 1/3/2014-img_4624.jpg
An unpleasant smell surrounds this old tyre scrapyard
Jerantut 1/3/2014-img_4626.jpg
The river is much lower than on my last visit three years ago
Jerantut 1/3/2014-img_4627.jpg

Jerantut 1/3/2014-img_4628.jpg

Jerantut 1/3/2014-img_4629.jpg

Jerantut 1/3/2014-img_4630.jpg
I cam across a couple of these subsided roads today
Jerantut 1/3/2014-img_4631.jpg

Jerantut 1/3/2014-img_4632.jpg

Jerantut 1/3/2014-img_4633.jpg

Jerantut 1/3/2014-img_4634.jpg

Jerantut 1/3/2014-img_4635.jpg
Indian chicken curry for tonights meal


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