Feb 162011

The route Malaysia 1, E1, 76, 4, Thailand 4057

Total distance 310 km

After three fantastic weeks of riding around Malaysia it was time to pack up and ride on back to Thailand

It was a chilly morning with low cloud as I rode off at 8 am this morning but not too cold

These shots were taken along the E1

For a good part of my trip along the E1 it was good views

Heading north now on the 76

Pointing the camera low you see the lush greenery

Lifted up a little and the same picture but now showing the low cloud

Its a pleasant ride along the 76 with not much traffic

I stop in Gerik at N05.25.627 E101.07.707 for breakfast

My final breakfast here could really only be one meal, I told the lady that I liked spicy food and I think that every chilli in the tray got scooped out and put on my plate, my mouth was on fire, I asked for another portion of chicken and the total bill was 80 Baht

Along the 4 now and a dry ride this time compared to the wet ride I had along here nearly three weeks ago

Some good bends along the 4 between Gerik and Jeli

All these lovely views

Plus the good curves

The sky is looking a bit dark but thankfully no rain comes my way

Just before Jeli and plenty of water in the river, I ride past Jeli then as the road gets very close to the Thai border I take a left and just along here is the Bukit Bunga border crossing.
Before turning along this road I of course filled up with 95 benzine for 19 Baht a litre, most of the pumps in Malaysia have a sticker on them saying that 95 is restricted to Malaysian registered vehicles only, my bike has only ever used this and I have never been challenged over it

Crossing at Bukit Bunga

The H2O border.

I ride Into Thailand at the Buketa crossing and I ride along the horrible 4057 to Sungai Kolok, two years ago this was an okay road, now its being widened and theres long stretches of no surface, only that horrible red stuff that had lots of rain on it, not nice

I check in at the Taksin Hotel No 1 the same as last trip at N06.01.224 E101.57.920, its now 180 Baht a night including private shower/toilet

I go to the Honda shop for an oil change and some rear brake pads then when I ride back there are police and army everywhere, a couple of ambulances with flashing lights and sirens wailing come along and the road to my hotel is blocked.
A couple of people laying in the road are picked up and put on stretchers before being driven away in the ambulances, it turns out to only be a test in case it happens for real but it brings home the reality of it in these parts

All the special effects were put in place to make it appear to be real

Time to eat and here looks as good a place as anywhere right opposite my hotel

Its the Jo Jo Bakery and restaurant where I ate last time I was here at N06.01.227 E101.57.926

Chicken steak, onions and fries for 160 Baht

They have the ice cream menu here so another 59 Baht was spent on this

Well what did I think of Malaysia? I had a fantastic time in a lovely scenic country full of friendly helpful people, great roads and awesome food.
I came here expecting it to be a lot more expensive than Thailand, it wasnt, in fact I was spending slightly less per day here, probably because fuel is usually my biggest daily expenditure in Thailand but here its less than half price if you are using benzine.

One thing though, alcohol is a lot dearer for those of you who use the stuff.

What takes a bit of getting used to is people stopping for red lights and treating motorcyclists as equals, but I guess thats a tribute to the superior education and mindset here.

I will return and do a longer trip next time to explore more, once again thanks Lip Meng for your kindness and hospitality.
Get the gdb file here …

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