Feb 152011

The route 1, A181, 59, C156, 8, 64
Total distance 475 km

A welcome guest that shares my room

I made a nice early start this morning, away by 8 am

Its cold as I ascend into the mountains but I get some lovely views

I take a right onto the 59 and ride to Tana Rata then take a left onto possibly the C156, my gps shows no road number

Stunning views along this road

The road is well surfaced with loads of bends, its a delight to ride

So lush and green

I see quite a few big bikes along here, mostly in groups, about four groups

Time for breakfast and I am just in time as this is all that remains of the ayam masak merah, I have the lot

60 Baht for this lovely meal

The restaurant is at N04.13.082 E101.47.888 in a place called Sungai Koyan

Its gone midday when I leave the restaurant and I ride on towards Kuala Lipis

Spotted roadside

At Kuala Lipis I head north along the 64

This is another fun twisty road

A rarity

This is the first time that I have seen this many on a motorbike in Malaysia

Riding back and enjoying this lovely road in the opposite direction

Another great days riding in a fantastic country, this is my last night in Malaysia for this trip but I definitely will return as I have really only scratched the surface on this trip and theres loads more out there just waiting to be discovered

Pizza Hut get my custom tonight and a pleasant pizza for 243 Baht.
Get the gdb file here …

  5 Responses to “Ipoh To Kuala Lipis And Back”

  1. It was all paved when I rode it David

  2. Owh ok. Noted. Thank you so much for your advice… (^_^)v

  3. There is a fuel station near the Highlands, possibly at Tanah Rata, I would imagine there is one at Kuala Lipis too.
    Keep your tank full would be my advice as through the mountains petrol stations can be a bit scarce

  4. One question here. I’m about to give this route a try (Teluk Intan – Cameron – Kuala Lipis) soon via car. Is it possible for me to spot any petrol stations along the way? Thank you for your reply… (^_^) 

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