Feb 132011

The route 1, A 181, 59

Total distance 177 km

Out along the A 181 and I notice people filling water containers up from what I assumed were just pipes to let drainage water out but I am told its pure mineral water for drinking

Its my third time along this lovely stretch of road but the first time riding in this direction

There was a lot of big bikes stopped down the road and now they come up through the twisties

Lots of bamboo being cut down here

More bikes come past

This is one good road

I take a right onto the 59 to ride towards Brinchang

Before reaching there I turn right onto a narrow track to ride to Gunung Brinchang, lots of tea growing along here, personally I detest the stuff so no point in stopping at the tea tasting places

Its certainly a nice view

Its a narrow track up here and still wet in places

A large area for cabbages here too

I take a break at the top and shelter from the sudden heavy rain along with these guys

Its very heavy for about thirty minutes then eases right off and time to ride on

I ride to N04.31.086 E101.22.973 and here its a dead end so a couple of photos but unfortunately the rain means not great visibility then its time to turn around and ride back

Going back down and its tea everywhere

Going down the A 181 and it loooks like more rain

Thankfully it holds off and I ride home in the dry

Back at the water pipes and people are stocking up on it

This youngster is taking her turn filling bottles, I fill mine after being told it tastes good but it was just an ordinary taste to me

This place at N04.35.683 E101.05.002 was recommended to me by Lip Meng for the salted chicken, they only sell the chicken whole for 170 Baht, no rice or fries sold here only chicken plus its takeaway only, I have eaten enough rice lately so fries are needed

Close by is a McDonalds so a large portion of fries is bought for 38 Baht and taken back to my room to be consumed, a lovely tasting chicken indeed.
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