Jan 282011

The route 1, 59, A181

Total distance 213 km

Todays trip was to ride through the famous Cameron Highlands, I decided to stay in Ipoh for a couple more nights and use it as my base rather than move all my gear up into the Cameron Highlands, I certainly made the right decision there
I took the uninteresting 1 as far as Tapah then took a left onto the 59 and a much nicer road

As I start to climb its looking good in the distance

This is one seriously twisty road that would be superb on a motard

Its light rain on and off now which is a nuisance as this road is now wet

Two or three small waterfalls along the way

At N04.19.470 E101.19.531 is the Lata Iskandar Waterfall and lots of little shops

I eat at a small restaurant here and this tasty meal was 50 Baht, I actually ate the salad too and I am now getting concerned that it will affect my waistline

Then it was five pieces of fried bananas for 10 Baht from these girls

A bit further up the hill at N04.21.073 E101.20.331 I stop at the Jor Dam, at first the guy on the gate said I couldnt ride in, after asking me where I am from and being told England I was told to go ahead and ride in.
I am finding it a bit like that in Malaysia, after telling them that I am English, conversations about England spring up, some have been there and one referred to it as the old country.
It would seem that being English in Malaysia gets the same benefits as having a Thai driving licence does in Thailand

The overflow is right out in the middle

Its probably lush and green like this all year round up here as it never seems to stop raining

I shudder to think how many kids are in that van

About ten are dropped off here and it still looks full, the rain gets a lot heavier and more persistent now and I ride to the junction with the A181 turning left onto it without stopping for any more photos

Theres a lot of this in these hills

I am really enjoying riding down the A181 and its finally stopped raining, I was toying with the idea of going in the opposite direction and riding to Gua Musang but its a fair way and I am already wet so it can wait for another day

The A181 is a brilliant fun road

Plenty of these along the way

I get to the 1, turn right onto it and ride a few km back into Ipoh after a great days riding through the mountains, there were a couple of turnings I should have explored but they can wait until another day, as they were near the top I will ride up there via the A181 as it will be a lot quicker to reach there rather than the slower 59

Another recommendation from my LP book for tonights meal at N06.35.874 E101.04.624

More Southern Indian food and 75 Baht for this lot, delicious as well.
Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Wow, looks like the kinda place you can explore for many days, wonderful.
    Glad your enjoying the green shit!

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