Jan 302011

The route E1, 76, A151, A11, A152, A159, 4, 66, D29, A18

Total distance 563 km

Todays ride started with a short ride on the E1 expressway from Ipoh to Kuala Kangsar, it may be an expressway but its got curves, hills and views like this

After turning off the E1 I took the 76, A151, A11, A152 and the A159 before getting back on the 76 and riding to Gerik, here I took the 4 and what a nice road this is, unfortunately along here it started raining and it was on and off from then on

This is probably the first army vehicle that I have seen in Malaysia

Temengor lake

Its a lovely road but the rain is spoiling the views

I stop at the Tasik Pergau reservoir, surprisingly it isnt overflowing with all the rain

Just before reaching Jeli it actually stops raining for a short while and its quite hot now

At Jeli I take a right onto the 66 and here it starts raining very hard

I take a right onto the D29 and this waterfall is along here

At times I am actually riding on dry roads but its mainly wet for most of the way now, heavy rain too

Even if I am drenched I am glad that I rode this route today for the stunning scenery alone

The rivers are well up with fast flowing muddy water from all the rain

I reach a crossroads at Gue Musang and take a right onto the A18

More full rivers along here too

This is another lovely road across the mountains with lots of these bends

Stunning scenery along here

A brilliant ride today, longer than I expected in both time and distance, I left at 8.30 am and got back to my hotel at after 7 pm, still in the light though thanks to the time difference

I eat here on the street tonight at N04.35.708 E101.05.237

Another English guy staying at my hotel recommended this dish from this restaurant, it was okay but I wont be eating it again, 110 Baht including the rice

Malaysia actually has lemonade to make a shandy with, not Sprite or 7 Up like in Thailand.
Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Hi Julie

    You should really enjoy it.

    http://www.rideasia.net is a good forum for information, I also post all of my trip reports on there, hopefully see you on there too

    Best wishes


  2. Hi Captain Slash
    I’m intending to go for a road trip from home in Sri Kembangan up north via Ipoh, Gerik, Kota Bharu, Tasik Kenyir, Kuantan and then home. Your photos have really enthused me, and to know that you’ve done it and the roads aren’t too bad up there (I’m looking at the 4 from Gerik to KB and was a bit worried about it), is very reassuring.
    Thanks so much for this.

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