Feb 212014

The route E1, A164, A154, A3

Total distance 151 km
Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4395.jpg
N04.59270 E101.08464
Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4396.jpg

Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4397.jpg

Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4398.jpg

Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4399.jpg
Out on the road and rubber is also seen, not only palm plantations
Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4400.jpg

Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4401.jpg

Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4402.jpg

Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4403.jpg
Some scenic twisty roads today
Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4404.jpg

Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4405.jpg

Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4407.jpg

Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4411.jpg

Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4412.jpg

Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4413.jpg

Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4415.jpg
Those are rather heavy
Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4416.jpg

Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4417.jpg

Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4418.jpg
I wonder how long ago this bridge failed
Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4419.jpg

Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4420.jpg
Ahead of me its pissing down but only a few drops where I am standing
Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4421.jpg
A lot of spray being thrown up
Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4422.jpg
A short section of wet road then its back to hot and dry again
Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4423.jpg

Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4424.jpg
An old 2 stroke Suzuki
Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4425.jpg
Its pleasing to see Castrol Bike Points are in Malaysia too
Ipoh 21/2/2014-img_4426.jpg
Spicy chicken masala


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