Mar 072010

The route 318, 3002, 4001, 3271, 3157, 4017, 3157, 3271, 318

Total distance 168 km

I take the 318 out of town for about six km then take a left onto the 3002

Its very green where theres a water supply

After about eight km I take a right onto the 4001 to try out a new road for me

Although its only a red line on my map its a well surfaced wide road with lots of bends to enjoy

Rubber trees everywhere around here

I am always saying that theres lots of good roads to ride around Trat and now I can add this one to that list

Good scenery along here as the mountain range in the background is always visible

I reach the 3271 and turn left onto it

A narrower road but also a good one as well

I take a right and its a couple of km along here to this reservoir

This ones almost full

See how clear it is around here, good clean air and no haze. I ride back to the 3271 turn right and ride on until I reach the 3157, I take a right onto the 3157

A few km along the 3157 and I take a right onto the 4017 which has some decent bends

These people are at the fish farm at the reservoir

After a snack and a look around here I ride back to the 3157 turn right and ride on

A few more km and its a right to see how the new big reservoir is filling up

It doesnt seem to be filling up that quickly to me and having just looked at the photos from my last trip here in december 2008 the water level looks about the same, at this rate it will need at least another three years I reckon to reach full capacity

I am enjoying the best scenery for a while now

Back on the 3157

I take a right onto an unnumbered road that is asphalt for about three km then turns to unmade for a few km before looping back onto the 3157

I take a left onto the 3271 and enjoy this road back to the 318 where I turn right and ride into Trat

Pork steak onions and fries tonight at Joys Pizza, 120 baht for the main meal and 50 Baht for the extra fries

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