Apr 142009

The route 220, 2157, 2341, 4001, 2328, 4004, 2124, hwy 24, 2201, 220

Total distance 255 km

I take the 220 to Khu Khan and a couple of km later its a left onto the 2157, at the crossroads with hwy 24 I go straight over, I am doing well as I am still totally dry, but not for much longer

Not overflowing today, about three metres down since last visit

The same picture on 29th november

I was surprised to see it only dropped this far

29th november

A pleasant ride along the 2341 and soon it was a few buckets of water heading my way quite often, I am riding along dripping wet but not cold as its a lovely sunny day

The amount of greenery is a very pleasant surprise

They caught me unawares with a bucket of water

Plenty of water for these to play with, I ride to the 4001, turn left onto it for about 1 km then its a right onto the 2328, along here I take a left onto the 4004 and ride to another reservoir

I have been here a few times before and occasionally see the odd one or two people here but today its really busy with lots of people getting water in barrels to throw around

Never seen anyone swimming in here before either

I get that bucketful

I ride towards Bua Chet then take the 2124 to hwy 24, here I turn right onto it and stay on it for about 28 km, this is the only road where I see no water being thrown. I take a left onto the 2201 which takes me to Khu Khan and then its the 220 home getting soaked a few more times. I leave the bike at the hotel and walk to Franks restaurant thinking that I will make it in the dry, silly me I get really soaked walking there

Its filled pancakes tonight, a mixture of minced beef, pork, onions, mushroom, cucumber, garlic, peas, carrots, corn, red&yellow peppers and chilli, 125 Baht and very filling. As I am eating another thunderstorm arrives and its another wet walk home, this one is the biggest that I have ever seen out here and it goes on for a few hours, walking to the internet cafe was done in deep water in places, has the wet season arrived early this year?

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