Feb 232009

The route Hwy 4, 42, 4085, 4070, 4176, 4077, 410

Total distance 278 km

I was awoken at 6.30 this morning by the noise of Hat Yais traffic, which was a blessing in disguise as it meant I got out by 8am. I soon was on hwy 4 heading towards Sadao, this is one horrible road full of traffic and it was a real relief to turn left onto the 42

The 42 didnt take long to get into its stride, one long fun ride is this road

A perfect surface, great bends plus the green scenery, what a great time I am having

I reach a crossroads and take a right onto the 4085 and ride along this pleasant road

I reach the 4070 and take the right turn

More of the same, once I turned off hwy 4 all of todays roads were great fun with minimal traffic on them

I take a left onto the 4176

This is a narrower road but the above picture tells the story about it

Then it widens out onto this lovely surface

I reach the 4077 and as theres a small market here I go for a walk around, Soldiers with rifles are everywhere now, at one stage there was an armed soldier about every 500 metres where some roadworks were being carried out

I take the right fork onto the 4077 and I am soon rewarded with this splendid view

I reach the 410 and take a right to ride on to Betong

Whats this funny green stuff along the side of the road, I am used to seeing it all on fire by this time of the year

I will visit the dam on the way back but for a while I am riding alongside the edge of the reservoir

The 410 is a brilliant piece of asphalt and its difficult to get a picture that shows much distance as its really just one long bend for ages. I was expecting it to be potholed but Rhodie I can happily state that its been resurfaced since you rode it as its a pretty well perfect surface all the way to Betong

Another thing that I am getting used to is the total lack of haze, coupled with the great air quality, perhaps the south is the best place to be at this time of the year

Even as I am approaching Betong its still great scenery even though the road is straighter now

Davidfl I was a very worried man riding down to here today after your comments yesterday, but I soon spotted a 7-11, actually Betong is a two 7-11 town. Well I am now in Thailands Southern most town, my map shows the 4244 heading about another 25 km south and I will explore that tomorrow. I check in at the Fah Un Rong hotel for 160 Baht a night then its off to get the bikes oil changed and the rear brake pads replaced. Since I posted about 10/30 oil being put in my bike each oil change alternates, 22K was 10/30, 24K was SAE 40, 26K was 10/30 and today at 28K its SAE 40 again, old stock out here I reckon. The rear pads are down on the piston side but not on the other side, I guess all the dust and crap has clogged the slider up, so its new rear pads, 291 Baht for the oil and pads, no complaints here

More of this unfamiliar food tonight, two platefuls and I am full and relieved of the grand sum of 40 Baht for the lot

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