Jan 132013

The route 105

Total distance 255 km

Walking around the market in Mae Sot this morning

These must be the biggest group around Mae Sot, everywhere you go are posters of them and lots of stickers on trucks too

Along the 105 on the way back towards Mae Sarieng

More kids in the bushes

I dont know if they did go in there or not but rather them than me

Time to find some shade for my food break

Still plenty of water flowing down the rivers, the same as it was two months ago when I rode along here

This old Honda looks a bit battered but probably still runs okay

The Moei doesnt really look any lower then it did two months ago

The lovely new surface heading northwards

I actually ride the entire journey on asphalt for once as the surface that was dirt on the way down has now been recently surfaced all the way to the old narrow road, no lines on the road yet

Further on and a good surface again, in a few years time it should be like this all the way.
On the ride back I stop at Tha Song Yang and Mae Salit to suss out accommodation there, I find rooms for 300 Baht upwards.
Its daft trying to explore around these areas using Mae Sarieng or Mae Sot as bases and theres some exploring needing doing at another time

In Mae Sarieng and my usual Muslim eatery is closed so I try the market to see if they have a stall there

A friendly dog soon appears

That middle pot looks suspiciously like

Moo hunglay, a portion was put in a plastic bag and 40 Baht was handed over

With the sticky rice 50 Baht and this was a particularly spicy meal too, lovely

People are always saying street food is healthy for you so I have one of these too

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. In Mae Salid I stayed a couple of times at the  Per-Pron Resort. You have probably seen it @ N17.44049 E98.05731. 5 years ago it was 250B and I liked it very much. You may want to download my Thailand file from http://beddha.free.fr/GPS, which contains lots of waypoints, many commented, although it is getting a little dated now.

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