Mar 252009

The route 106, 1033, 4010, 1184, 1274, 106, 1087, 3008, 106

Total distance 390 km

The riders

Ally Yamaha Dragstar
Ken Yamaha 600
Kevin Kawasaki D-Tracker
Colin Honda Phantom

We met at Kevins restaurant (Miguels) on the Chiang Mai-Lamphun road. We were expecting Davidfl to show up to see us off, I am personally glad he didnt show as in my eagerness to get in the restaurant I forgot to notice the step and tripped over falling flat on my face right in front of everyone, something that he would have caught on his camera. A bruised and bleeding shin plus a very bruised ego was the only damage done as luckily I still had all my riding gear including my helmet on. After a coffee and two of Kevins delicious breakfast burritos it was time to head out

We took the 106 and just past Lamphun it was a left onto the 1033 for a few km then a right onto the 4010, theres some roadworks taking place along here but after that it turns into a beautiful winding road, we stopped at the reservoir for a break

The waters well down on when I last rode here over two months ago, we carry on and at the T junction we turn left onto the 1184 and enjoy a blast along this fun twisting road. At the junction with the 1274 we turn right and ride into Li where we stop for lunch

I eat a plate of stir fried noodles with onions and pork, we take the 106 south for a few km then its a right onto the 1087 and another great fun road

Along here mishap number two hits me today, I was riding along looking at the scenery to my left when out of the corner of my eye I see something move to my right, too late I hit the dog and by the time I stop and go back its dead. This is what happens to them when they mess with the mighty Phantom. If I had been looking where I was going I would have seen the dog, reacted and possibly came off so in this particular case not looking where I was going was probably a good thing

The rear brake pedal is buckled and a real pain to use but luckily no other damage done

This is my first time to the Mae Ping National Park and again somewhere that I will visit after the rainy season to see better scenery

We start off on the way home and along the way back a bee goes into my crash helmet stinging my head, its definitely not my lucky day today, oh well thats three things gone wrong today so no more, or so I think. Just before reaching Kevins place I totally run out of fuel and have to push the bike for a few hundred metres to a petrol station, this means that I still have a 100% record of running out of fuel on every bike that I have ever owned in Thailand. Todays ride was another goodie, a couple of new roads plus a fun days riding making it very enjoyable

We enjoy a great Mexican meal at Miguels and I am relieved to finally be home in one piece

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  1. I think your right maybe if I had not seen my dog I might not have went down did you hit with the front tire?

    My lesson learned don’t hit the brakes LOL

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