Nov 052008

I called in to Joe/Goodwill to get a rack and topbox fitted

Whether it was the new bike or new riding gear that got the cameras out I dont know

Then it was up the 118 just past Doi Saket to take a left to the Mae Kuang reservoir

Its a nice and clear view now but the water level is a lot lower than I expected, it doesnt look any higher than when I was last here in march

I go back towards Cnx then get on the 1001 and ride up to the Mae Ngat reservoir, these guys hadnt had any luck fishing

The water levels about 2.5 metres below maximum already even though it still keeps raining

Future gamblers, although there was no sign of any gambling taking place

Then it was a ride to the Bua Tong forest park where I met a large group of people doing an 8 day trip from Cnx to the Golden Triangle on bicycles, 50/50 road and offroad, rather them than me

I rode back to the 1001 turned right then took another right to go to the other side of the Mae Kuang reservoir, this dog was the sensible one staying in the shade

This one preferred the sunshine

Look how low the water level is

Riding back to the 1001, notice how the road is overgrown

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