Dec 012013

The route 107, 1089, Hwy1

Total distance 128 km
Fang To Chiang Rai In The Rain-img_1703.jpg

Fang To Chiang Rai In The Rain-img_1704.jpg
It was heavy overnight rain again in Fang and although I have lots more tracks there to explore they will have to wait until another time after they have dried out as some of them are unrideable now
Fang To Chiang Rai In The Rain-img_1705.jpg
I left in light rain after waiting until about 11 am but only got a few km before it started pissing down again.
I took shelter and later on a couple of Thais stopped there too on bikes, they were on their way to Thaton and upon phoning their friend found out it was dry there.
By the time I reached Mae Ai the roads were dry and it was like this until past Thaton.
The plan I worked on last night was to take the 3037 over the mountains to Mae Suai but I soon abandoned that idea this morning.
Further on I thought about taking the 4044 which would have brought me into Chiang Rai and avoided the terminally boring hwy 1 but upon reaching the turning it looked like an unpaved track so I gave it a miss
Fang To Chiang Rai In The Rain-img_1706.jpg

Fang To Chiang Rai In The Rain-img_1707.jpg
Back to rain again as I ascend towards the Doi Mae Salong turning
Fang To Chiang Rai In The Rain-img_1710.jpg
No wonder I found it cold, despite putting the windproof liners in my airflow clothes I was shivering.
Thats not the temperature I expect in Thailand right now.
Has anyone any idea when this crap weather is going to finish? I thought it had gone by last weekend but now it appears to be back with a vengeance.
Fang To Chiang Rai In The Rain-img_1713.jpg
In Chiang Rai and surprisingly I could not find a cheap single room anywhere as they were all full up
Fang To Chiang Rai In The Rain-img_1714.jpg
I settled on this one with en suite and hot shower for 200 Baht
Fang To Chiang Rai In The Rain-img_1717.jpg
N19.90457 E099.83071 in Jetyod Road
Fang To Chiang Rai In The Rain-img_1718.jpg

Fang To Chiang Rai In The Rain-img_1720.jpg
One of the guys here told me there was a lovely Muslim restaurant virtually next door to the Mosque.
I found the Mosque only to discover the restaurant was closed, it said open tomorrow
Fang To Chiang Rai In The Rain-img_1721.jpg
70 Baht from the market and I was stuffed


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