Nov 022007
Last night it pissed down in Fang from 7.30-9.30 and I hoped that was it, this morning was heavy drizzle until just before Tha Ton then it was dry roads until the hills, then it started again

It is about to get me wet for the first time this holiday, I decide to skip the Doi Mae Salong turning and carry on to Mae Chan then up towards Mae Sai and then the Golden Triangle

My poor bike getting wet and dirty

This is the fullest that I have ever seen the Mekong

I came across this empty hut so I stopped here for a while as it was really pissing down. From Mae Chan as far as Chiang Saen it was dry but its now a wet ride all the way to Chiang Khong.

Its rained heavily all afternoon here but now its dry and hopefully tomorrow will be better as its Nan tomorrow via Phu Chi Fa.

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