Dec 062011

The route 1089, 1234, 3051, 4032, 4052

Total distance 291 km

On the 1089 towards Doi Mae Salong

In Doi Mae Salong it seems the Shin Sane is still a bargain, I looked in here before 2 or 3 years ago but the fact there was no internet in town put me off staying here but today I saw the Shin Sane had the internet, so maybe in the future

Riding through Doi Mae Salong I noticed German Joe with some others and then after catching up with a group of 650 Kawasakis being led by an Africa Twin I realised this must be Road Captain Peter as I heard they were on a tour.
It was and we chatted at a junction as he waited for the others to catch up, then off we went on our separate ways

I take a left onto the 4052 and stop at a block manufacturing plant

I have laid thousands of the infernal things but never seen them made before, its certainly more pleasant watching them being made than laying them

I pick one up but its not yet fully set and falls apart in my hands, I dont think I will make the grade as a brickie out here

The broken ones go back in the mix, no wastage here

Time to see how far this lovely asphalt road goes now as last trip I rode to the end of it then turned around at the start of the dirt

Its a lovely surface and is showing promise

Stunning scenery around here

I am a lot further along than last trip and still on asphalt and theres a village up there in those hills

Plenty of coffee out drying today

I ride towards a waterfall but the paved surface finishes at N20.21.895 E099.28.147 and its a very narrow high track that looks dodgy ahead so I give it a miss


While I was taking the previous picture of the road this large bird lands in the tree making the branch sag towards the road.
I snapped this photo on maximum zoom and walked closer to get a better shot but the bird quickly flew off

In flight

There it is perched up in the tree

Off again

A bit of rainy season damage to the road

The water has bored a hole underneath the road surface

I ride back until N20.18.150 E099.34.069 where I take a left onto a dirt track

A lovely track thats not too difficult

More fantastic scenery

I meet a few workers along this track

I can see a village through the trees

Now in the village

I return to the paved surface at N20.19.115 E099.36.404

I take a left to ride a concrete track to the Burma border and its welcome here according to the sign

The checkpoint

I was asked for ID so gave my Thai driving licence then this soldier said he needed my photo so I said okay but I want yours too

It was a bit pointless going in really as its only about 50 metres to this checkpoint and the Thai soldier there said no admittance

This girl certainly left her smile at home today

This spelling of Thoed Thai never fails to make me laugh

Tea leaves drying, whilst converting coffee into piss is one of my specialities I cannot stand tea

Time to ride back

I visit the Buddah that I could see from the road its at N20.14.084 E099.39.678

A quick look around the grounds

Along the 1234/1089

No the KLX didnt go across that

Food at Uncle Jacks again tonight, 100 Baht and I was full

Get the gdb file here …

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