Feb 032013

The Route 107, 3013

Total Distance 138 km
Yellow chicken and rice at the unknown restaurant for 30 Baht, tasty too

Another cloudy morning here in Fang that looks like rain, every other morning when its looked like this the sun is out by 11am

I ride through a village and at the far end dirt starts at N19.76182 E099.23817

A hundred or so metres on is this unknown reservoir

Lots of broken glass here as drinking seems to be a favourite hobby at this reservoir

A remnant of someone elses activity too it would seem.
This reminds me of when I was 17, a group of us were walking home when one of my friends sees a condom hanging from a branch grabs it and gets covered with its (gone cold by now) contents.
We all fell about laughing and often teased him about it

The boys are already halfway out by now

His home with a slightly patched up roof

I ride a bit around the reservoir but no way out only the way I came so its back on the paved surface until dirt starts again at N19.78059 E099.22028

I reach a village at N19.78230 E099.23017 and take this photo at the school

Back to an asphalt surface at N19.79145 E099.22880

Dirt starts again at N19.81123 E099.18848

Riding through the trees now and at 11.30 the sun is out and its a pleasant day once more

I dont know whats hes digging for unless its to bury the dog

I return to the paved surface at N19.78059 E099.22028

Dirt starts again at N19.77014 E099.21117

Good to see the best organic fertiliser there is being utilised.
A paved surface from N19.74267 E099.17521 to N19.70643 E099.21053 then back to new dirt tracks again

It clouds over at times but remains dry all day

Apart from a very short spell of Asphalt when I ride on a paved road between N19.71177 E099.17833 and N19.71277 E099.17916 its all dirt for a while

I ride to the Doi Wiang Pha National Park and here you have to sign the book to go in but there was no charge

There is a waterfall here with three levels but as no water was flowing down the stream I wasnt going to walk up to them just to see some dry rocks

An unknown reservoir at N19.67874 E099.17489

I try some other tracks but they just come to dead ends like this.
I ride back to Fang returning to the paved surface at N19.68550 E099.16332

Back at my hotel and the owners friendly dog comes to greet me walking into my room.
Possibly the chicken bones from my meal a couple of days ago has helped forge a friendship between us

Its sunday and the street is closed for the market

I walked the length of it but no food there that I fancied

Dinner was at the Thipdararat restaurant at my hotel N19.92044 E099.21504

A gai phad kapow for 30 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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