Feb 062013

The route 107, 3023

Total distance 101 km

The dog at my hotel enjoying the chicken bones from my breakfast

A sunny start again today and noticeably warmer too

Todays tracks are new for me so its the first time I have seen these here

Dirt starts at N19.89709 E099.23586

The track ends here so I turn back and soon take a right to see if this one goes through or not

In the forest now and the track is not showing on my GPS but hopefully it will carry on and join one

Finally out in the open again

Orange growing territory now

I go round in circles trying to find a track out then ride to the proper entrance.
The GPS shows dirt tracks out but eveything is blocked or fenced off, I guess they dont get many visitors getting in by my route.
I return to the paved surface at N19.90831 E099.25661

Dirt starts again at N19.91391 E099.32869

Huai Muang Reservoir.

Riding on north and east from the reservoir

I picked the rutted track again today

Its really hot now and the fan on the KLX gets put to use a lot on this section

Finally some life out here as well as me

The other reservoir I was looking to locate plus a village too

Ban Chang Si at N19.96051 E099.39066

Huai Chang Si

The surface turns to paved at N19.97165 E099.39080

I reach another village and here the surface turns to dirt at N19.98307 E099.40532

I ride on through the village hoping to link up with a track a few km away

Not looking promising now

A dead end

Just past these I return to the paved surface at N19.98325 E099.40455

Back on the 3023

A double portion of pork leg and rice from the market plus dessert, 60 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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