Jan 312013

The Route 107

Total Distance 133 km
Breakfast time at Parichard Restaurant at N19.91736 E099.21079

Apparently there are three Muslim restaurants here to try out

Chicken curry and rice 36 Baht

Thankfully the rain stopped last night but everywhere is soaked and its a cold cloudy morning, this water wheel should be powered okay today

I was expecting todays offroad to be no good but thankfully the surface was okay, dirt starts at N19.70824 E099.17163

Huai Phak Nam

I ride back to my waypoint and take a right, this is also a dirt track until it reaches the paved surface at N19.71128 E099.17592

Craftsmen at work in a village

Chai Prakarn Reservoir

I ride on and its a paved surface for some of todays ride despite the ESRI only showing dirt tracks.
The dismal day spoils the above photo

A village at N19.72099 E099.22315

Another village at N19.72665 E099.25101

As it nears midday the temperature is slowly rising as the sun tries to break through

This larger village is at N19.69446 E099.25862

Dirt starts at N19.73706 E099.25389

I expect this at the end of the wet season not the 31st of january

The bamboo house village at N19.73641 E099.27541

I ride on southwards out of the village on a track that doesnt show on my GPS maps, I was hoping it would go eastwards and join the 109

Its a pleasant enough dry surface with beautiful scenery

The final village at N19.70399 E099.29368

Just out the village and I leave the KLX here and walk down as its a steep downhill track and I am not sure about the traction for getting back up should I need to

Now I have to walk back up there, I decide to not try it today as its already 3 pm and I have no way of knowing where this track goes to.
It was a hard walk back up and I was well out of breath when I got back to the top, then it was a bit of a struggle to turn the KLX around on that incline.
As I am about to ride off a Kawasaki KSR 110 two up with road tyres comes up the hill that I was concerned about, useful to know for next time

I ride back and trying out a side turning dirt starts at N19.72316 E099.21301

From about 2.30 on the sun came out and it was a pleasant afternoon, unlike the cold morning

I reach the paved surface at N19.73272 E099.19389

More market food tonight at N19.91549 E099.20963, 65 Baht the lot

Get the gdb file here …

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